Serious Product Quality Problems: Dealing with the Press and Public

Pre-Recorded CD Webinar
Approximately 90 minutes in length, Self Examination and Answer Key Included

Who Will Benefit
This training solution will benefit professionals in the following industries:
Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Human Tissue, Biotechnology

In departments such as:
Executive Management, QA/QC/RA, Manufacturing/Operations, Research and Development, Legal Affairs

With job functions:
Senior and Mid-level Department Managers and Supervisors, QA/QC/RA Specialists and Engineers, Manufacturing and R&D Engineers, Chemists, Scientists, Formulators, Documentation Specialists, Auditors, Technicians

Course Description
Torn from the front pages of today’s newspapers, serious product quality problems, only discovered after spiraling into a public crises, have plagued FDA regulated industries in recent years. Are you prepared to quickly and appropriately respond to a detected serious product quality problem and prevent it from quickly escalating into a public relations nightmare?

Effectively dealing with the press and public is essential to minimizing the long term consequences of a serious product quality problem for your business. This session will examine critical success factors that companies have used in times of crisis


  • What are the Principle Challenges I face in preventing the situation from escalating into a public relations nightmare?
  • What are some of the more significant past product quality problems and how can I learn from these case studies?
  • What are the Critical Success Factors I must know to contain the situation?
  • How can Senior Management Leadership play a key role?
  • How do I prepare my organization?
  • How do we prepare for contact with the news media and can the media be controlled?
  • How do we become a stronger organization through “Lessons Learned”?

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